Information Technology

This section is devoted to the vibrant mosaic of cutting-edge software technologies and platforms, alongside a wide array of applied IT solutions.

The section will discuss the following themes:

Machine Learning (ML); Data Science (DS); Data Mining (DM); Artificial Intelligence (AI); Natural Language Processing (NLP); Optimization, and Learning Analytics (LA);  Exploratory data analysis (EDA); Statistical predictive models; Relational database engines; Block chain technology; Next Generation Communication and Networking; Cyber Security Issues; Emerging Trends and Technologies in ICT Application; ICT in Education and Research; ICT in Industry, Business, And Economy; : ICT in Medicine and Health Care; Multimedia Applications; Computer Graphics and Multimedia; Robotics and Automation; Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing; Information Systems.

Other related topics will also be considered.

Civil Engineering and Architecture

This area focuses on concerning issues of modern approaches in the field of design and building, as well as software-computer techniques for use in construction, modern interior, green architecture, sustainable development, the culture of living, and historical heritage in the construction field.

Other related topics will also be considered.

Business Economics, Management and Tourism

This section is devoted to the businesses operating in the fields of business economics, management, and tourism in compliance with contemporary tendencies and sustainable development.

The section will discuss the following themes:

  1. Management

Business Management; Change Management; Communications Management; Critical Management; Environment Management; Events Management; Financial Management; Tourism Management; Hotel & Lodging Management; Human Resource Management; Information Technology Management; Insurance Management; Investment Management; Marketing Management; Operations Management; Project Management; Public Sector Management; Quality Management and Assurance; Risk Management; Strategic Management.

  1. Business Economics

Business Leadership; Business Administration; Family Economics; Business Performance Management; Business Models; Business Communication; Business Planning; Statistics in Business; Culture & Ethics in Business; Information Systems & Business, E-business; Entrepreneurship; Internet Commerce; Business Ethics; Accounting; Auditing; Accounting Ethics; Financial Accounting Standards; Financial Markets; Monetary Economics and Finance; Public Economics and Finance; Finance & Investments; Financial Economics; Financial Instruments;  Corporate Finance;  Taxation; Marketing; Internet Marketing; Digital Economy; Macroeconomics, Microeconomics;  Global Economy; Applied Economics; Comparative Economics Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Economy.

  1. Tourism

Specific forms and modern trends in tourism; Tourism products; Resources in tourism; Tourism destination and sustainable development; Sustainable tourism and environment protection; Tourism and climate change; Health and safety in tourism; ICT in tourism experiences; Consumer behavior in tourism; Human resources in the tourism industry

Other related Business Economics, Management, and Tourism topics will also be considered.

Mechanical Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health

The section discusses practical and theoretical results which make a fundamental contribution to the development of Mechanical Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health. 

The section will discuss the following themes:

  1.    Mechanical Engineering

Computer techniques in mechanical engineering; Structural integrity; Fracture mechanics; Finite element method; Design of expert systems; Exploitation and maintenance of thermomechanical and equipment processes;

Industry 4.0; Composite Materials; Engineering Design Practice; Industrial Design; Micro-machining; Modeling, simulation, and Optimization; Precision Manufacturing and Measurement; Reliability and Maintenance Engineering.

  1. Occupational Safety and Health

Safety engineering-Challenges and opportunities; Risk management; Risk management vs. Safety management; Technologies and technical systems of occupational safety (devices, equipment, etc.); Physical and chemical aspects of occupational safety (noise, vibration, chemical hazards, etc.); Occupational safety and health management systems; Technologies and technical systems of environmental safety (procedures, devices, equipment, etc.); Physical and chemical aspect of environmental safety (noise, vibration, chemical hazards, etc.); Environmental management.

Fire risk assessment – challenges and trends; Technologies and technical systems of fire safety; Physical and chemical aspect of fire safety; Fire safety management; Emergency management; Civil protection systems; Environmental protection and Sustainable development; Green technology; Circular economy; Sustainable waste management; Renewable energy planning.

Other related topics will also be considered.

Medicine and Healthcare

The section is devoted to the exchange and improvement of scientific and professional knowledge, experiences, ideas, and the dissemination of good practice in the field of medicine and health care.

The section will discuss the following themes:

Global Health; Nursing Health; Healthcare Management; Digital Health; Preventive medicine, and public health; Health research and innovation; Primary health; Palliative Healthcare; Telemedicine; Mental health and Well-being; Aging and Geriatric Care; Nutrition, and Lifestyle in health promotion; Information systems in Medicine, etc.

Other related Medicine and Healthcare topics will also be considered.