Editorial Policy


Authors shall guarantee that the paper is the result of their original work, that it has not been previously published in any form (printed or electronic), and that their manuscript is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. The manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other conference proceedings or journals will not be considered for publication in the SED Conference Proceedings.

If a submitted manuscript is a result of a research project, or its previous version has been presented at a conference (under the same or similar title), detailed information about the project, conference, etc. shall be provided in a footnote.

It is the responsibility of each author to ensure that the manuscripts submitted to the SED Conference are written in compliance with ethical standards. Authors are solely responsible for the content of their manuscripts, and shall obtain permission from all involved parties to make their data public.

The Publisher shall not be held legally responsible in case of any disputes or claims for compensation.

Acknowledging Sources

Authors are required to properly cite sources that have significantly influenced their research and their manuscript. They are expected to correctly reference each quote and idea taken from someone else’s work and to list all references used following the guidelines for authors provided in the Paper Format Template.


A misuse of another person’s intellectual property is considered plagiarism. Authors shall adhere to the highest ethical standards when writing their papers. Plagiarism, where someone assumes others’ ideas or expressions as their own, is a clear violation of scientific ethics. The copyright violation is punishable by law. Plagiarism includes as follows:

  • Word-for-word copying without enclosing the copied part in quotation marks or paraphrasing parts of other author’s work without clear acknowledgement;
  • Copying equations, figures or tables from someone else’s paper without proper acknowledgement and/or without permission from the original author or the copyright holder.

Authors should also avoid self-plagiarism, i.e. reusing their previously published papers without properly citing such parts.



The submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review. The purpose of peer review is to ensure that only high quality papers are published in the SED Conference Proceedings.

The traditional, single-blind peer review method is used. Every submitted manuscript is reviewed by two reviewers. The reviewers are appointed by the Organizing Committee, and have to be experts in the subject areas of the manuscripts. They are not paid for their work.


Digital copies of SED Conference Proceedings are archived in the Digital Repository of the National Library of Serbia.



The views expressed in the published papers do not express the views of the Scientific Committee and Publisher. The authors bear legal and moral responsibility for the ideas expressed in their articles.

The Publisher shall not be held liable in case of any claims for damages. The Publisher shall not be held legally responsible in case of any claims for compensation.